OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 – The Brutal Truth.

Full review and comparison of OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5, including camera comparison, battery test, benchmarks, gaming and more! Is the OnePlus 8T the best phone of 2020?
To see my brutally honest opinion about the iPhone 12:

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49 Replies to “OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 – The Brutal Truth.”

  1. This "premium" matte finish on the back glass is bullshit, on my OnePlus 7T Pro it started fading away and showing the glossy part.
    It's just some cheap coating that in time makes the phone look more used and old.

  2. It is just a stupid box. It gets thrown into the garage never to return. Who gives a crap about a box?šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø Iā€™m digging my Pixel 4a and I love it. Waiting for the Pixel 6.

  3. Chinese Phones cost less cause their connection sucks in America LOL Total Loser phones that these Wannabe Intelligent Losers keep promoting. Pixels and iPhones and Samsung's and Motorola's work WAY better with 5G and LTE. Don't let these Loser Uneducated YouTubers tell you to get Cheap Chinese Phones unless you want to just take a picture. Might as well but a Dedicated Camera.

  4. I know it's an old video, but …
    @ 2:12 – it's just a box it doesn't matter what it looks like
    It IS !!! just a box, you get the phone and the cable out of it, perhaps the silicone back and the sim-eject tool and you put the box in the deepest part of your closet to be taken out either if the phone dies and you send it back or if you sell it.
    The phone matters, the box – not at all, as long as it contains everything you want.

  5. Wireless charging actually is much more valuable than people think, because it's universal. Starbuck's cafes will have wireless chargers on their tables. Airports have wireless chargers around certain tables or bars. Even your iPhone friends might still have a wireless charger. Maybe you forgot your cord, but you car has a wireless charging pad. To me, the magic of wireless chargers is because they are becoming more ubiquitous, and they don't make choices or preferences between iPhone or Android – they just always work.

  6. Chinese phone is No1 now on the market. My next phone either OnePlus or Xiaomi. OP8t 12GB Ram variant now price less than USD620 in my country. Pretty sure because the new model came out already.

  7. So you are promoting OnePlus mobiles so you are taking money from them. I have seen many vedios of pixel 5 compared with OnePlus 9, 9 pro, in that i found pixel 5 has better camera so you vedio information is fake

  8. I am using OnePlus 6 from more than 3 years but now i have lost trust on OnePlus because they are not providing the features that provides for us variant but the price is same. We indians are not fools to buy OnePlus.

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